DarkMoon ICE Build Plate for Bambu Lab X1/P1/A1 Printers

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The DarkMoon ICE build plate for Bambu Lab X1C/P1S/P1P/A1 printers is a first of its kind textured PEI plate. Using a heavily modified PEI formulation that is powder coated on both sides of the plate, bed adhesion increase in orders of magnitude over all other PEI plates in the market. ICE’s adhesive properties are so strong, you don’t even need to heat the bed to achieve adhesion (although, it might help in some cases).


Hot Summer. Cold Printer.

Print it Cold.

Warping is a thing of the past.

The DarkMoon ICE Build Plate can print PLA, PETG, ABS, and ASA at ambient temperatures. Stop worrying about drafts in unclosed printers like the P1P and A1 and keep the aux fan on during prints on your P1S and X1C. Warping is a thing of the past.

Strong Adhesion. High Durability

The DarkMoon ICE features best-in-class adhesion by utilizing the gripping strength of textured PEI along with a coating of a special epoxy polymer. The PEI and epoxy work together to hold your prints tight.

Big Flexy.

While the ICE plate has unmatched adhesive qualities, you can also pop prints right off the build plate when you give a few flexes to each side.

Double Sided.

The DarkMoon ICE features best-in-class adhesion by utilizing the gripping strength of textured PEI along with a coating of a special epoxy polymer. The PEI and epoxy work together to hold your prints tight.

...and even more!

Easy Cleaning

Simply wipe the ICE plate with a damp washcloth to clean. Do NOT use any solvents like isopropyl alcohol or acetone. Water is all you need.

Bed Detection

The Textured PEI Plate ArUco (QR) code is included on the build plate so it may be recognized by the Bambu Lab X1C. The code is on both sides of the build plate.

Built for Bambu

We took great care to make the dimensions of our build plates as close to Bambu Lab’s OEM plates as possible, so the transition between Bambu Lab and DarkMoon build plates is totally seamless.


Recommended Temperatures

Like we said before, the ICE plate doesn't need heating, but it also won't hurt to add some if you feel like it. Here are some recommended bed temperatures for each supported material.

NOTE: While other materials like Nylons, PC, HIPS, etc. are not listed here, many users have reported success using these settings. They are still not recommended as long term use has not been studied.






Unsupported, do not print.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Not impressed with ASA on this plate

ASA adhesion is to good, it basically welded itself to the plate, tried to remove print, and it took chunks of the bottom side of print, and cant get it off the plate now, pretty disappointed

leo chau
Not very impressed on ABS

I only print ABS and very rarely print PETG, gotta say I'm a bit disappointed after just 4-5 prints with my X1C, the ghost mark become more and more visible and on my 5th print, adhesion is not enough and I got my first spaghettis ever on my X1C, was a big selling point to me that no glue is ever needed but this was not the case, I print my stuff at 90-100C depends on how tall the object was.

Kris V
Holy Cow!

Got this last night and tried a print, the adhesion is amazing! Actually a little too amazing, I pulled the part and the supports all stayed in place on the plate, not I am picking them off one by one because they don't want to let go. Can see this plate being a huge asset!


TLDR: this should come standard with a Bambu Lab printer.
This thing holds plastic down like nothing else! Absolutely no warping with PLA and PETG so far- and that’s WITH the auxiliary fan on! I don’t have to create a new profile or remember to turn it off now!
I also don’t have to worry about washing or wiping with IPA between prints. It’s the spirit of Bambu with this- it just works out of the box! No more first layer woes when the plate has oil or very small parts.
One caveat- no TPU. I printed TPU on the gold Bambu sheet and then PETG on this one right after. There must have been some TPU trace amounts left in the nozzle. I had to spend about 1/2 hour carefully pulling the first layer off with tweezers after the print failed to release. I suggest a thorough purge if you print TPU before using this plate.

Adrian Gonzalez
Absolutely amazing

I bought this about 2 weeks ago and I can’t say enough about the product. It sticks like super glue. No joke. But it easily release when you flex the plate for most prints. Before I used the a1 Bambu textured wi plate and I can honestly say it’s a night and day difference. I had a few 20 plus hour prints fail before but not a single print has a flaw since using this one! Recommend buying this if your on the fence.