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Experience the New DarkMoon G10 Hobby Build Plate for Bambu Lab Printers

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New Build Plates, Discord Server, Shipping Updates, and More!

New Build Plates, Discord Server, Shipping Updates, and More!

Hey everyone! I’m going to start posting periodic updates on the website so you guys can be up-to-date on what’s happening here.  I’ve been doing a lot this week, so here’s a break down. New “Myste...

Perfect Printing is the Goal

We are working on 3 different build plates that will change how you how print.

G10 Hobby

G10 (also known as Garolite & FR4), is a material that supports all the main filaments. From PLA to ASA to PETG, the G10 Hobby build plate will grab on to them all!


The ICE build plate is an experimental, modified textured PEI plate that significantly out performs any other textured plate on the market. The kicker? You don't have to heat the bed. AT ALL.

G10 Pro

Get everything the G10 Hobby build plate has to offer with the benefit of Nylons and Carbon Fiber filaments. If you're an engineer, this is the last build plate you'll ever need to buy.


The most LUXURIOUS plate on the market, mimicking the print properties and bottom surface of glass, this plate is guaranteed to WOW everyone who sees it.