DarkMoon LUX Build Plate for Bambu Lab X1/P1/A1 Printers

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The DarkMoon LUX build plate for Bambu Lab X1C/P1S/P1P/A1 is a beautiful, glass-like modified PEI sheet suitable for all common filaments. Engineering filaments (like Nylons) and PETG benefit from light glue application.


  • Bed Adhesion: While the LUX build plate may be as smooth as glass, it also grips on to your prints the same as any other smooth PEI sheet. For increase adhesion, you can scuff the surface with 000 Steel Wool while maintaining the glossy finish.
  • Designed to Release: Adhesion may be our strong suit, but we didn’t forget about removing prints from the plate. Simply wait for your print bed to cool down after a print and the model will pop right off! Engineering filaments like Nylons and PETG benefit from a light layer of glue.
  • Luxurious Surface Finish: When you remove your prints from the LUX build plate, you’ll won’t just see a beautiful glass-like bottom, but you’ll see yourself! Perfectly smooth and reflective finishes are standard with LUX, which provides great aesthetic appeal as well as extremely low friction interface surfaces for engineering parts.
  • Flexibility Included: Our LUX build plates use flexible spring steel bases that are highly ferromagnetic and will stick to your print bed without warping up but can still be flexed to remove your prints.
  • Easy to Clean: Maintaining the surface quality of the LUX build plate is as simple as wiping it down with some isopropyl alcohol, no need to go back and forth to the sink and scrub with dish soap. (But it wouldn't hurt either!)
  • Bed Detection Ready: The LUX build plate comes with the Bambu Lab High Temp Plate QR code directly on the bed, eliminating the need to fiddle with your bed temperature settings. 
  • Built for Bambu: We took great care to make the dimensions of our build plates as close to Bambu Lab’s OEM plates as possible, so the transition between Bambu Lab and DarkMoon build plates is totally seamless.